Losing My Mind

Story Behind The Song

Living in the USA....terminally broke....doomsday preppers...and everybody else...let's have some fun

Song Length 4:10 Genre Rock - Americana, Folk - Americana
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Jovial, In High Spirits Subject Fun, Life
Similar Artists Ryan Adams, Lynyrd Skynyrd Language English
Era 1970 - 1979


Losing My Mind

Gettin' kinda crowded
at the end of the line
Standin' in the rain
but we don't mind
Feeling kinda' funny
as the Postman left
We looked in the mail
he didn't leave no check
No time to talk, is it time to dance
Do you take the pitch
or swing for the fence
It really don't matter how I dress
Cause I'm all out of money
Ain't got no sense

No I...
I don't mind
I don't mind
If I'm losin' my mind

Got a bowl full of honey
and a bonnet full of bees
I lost my touch
but I still say please
Everybody knows nothing lasts
Does it stop you in your tracks
Or make you laugh
Are you running with the wind
Or howling at the moon
Say the worlds gonna end
baby that ain't news
When it's all over and done
Gonna go downtown
Gonna have some fun


If you got just a second
I would take the time
Tell you a tale
throw you a line
How all too often we're second best
We gave quite an effort now there's nothing left
Round and round and round we go
When it stops spinning no-one knows
Can't get off, I guess we're stuck
Did I hear you yelling
Is it time to duck

Chorus...and out...

The instrumental and vocal performances are outstanding!

Very well engineered - the sound is clean and well mixed.

This song sounds like something they might play on KPIG radio, 107.5 FM in Freedom, CA. If you have not sent them a CD it may be worth a try . . . you never know!

I really like it, catchy chorus. well recorded and mixed.
It feels good. Nice composition.

enjoyable folky rock tune.......

There is a really good rhythm, beat to this song.

Lyrics Brad Boerger Music Brad Boerger
Producer Billy Pilgrim Publisher Coyote Collective
Performance Coyote Collective
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Clean Clean

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