Just Another Day

Song Length 3:50 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Rock
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Ecstatic, On Cloud Nine Subject Madly In Love, Love at First Sight
Language English


I see you every time I turn around - This must be the feeling everybody tells me ?bout - Cause I can?t eat and I can?t sleep
And I can?t seem to find my feet ? (Chorus) And suddenly I notice the birds singin? in the trees - And I find myself not missin? - The man that I called ?me? - And I can finally say ?I love you? - And there ain?t no doubt I mean it this time - I?m finally understanding all the love songs that I hear - And if the mood hits me just right, I might even shed a tear - Oh but that?s OK, it?s just another day with you - I?m seeing things a little different now, but I?m not sure how - I wish my mind could be a little clearer now - When you?re around, I lose my cool - I wind up acting like a fool ? (Chorus) x2 - I?m finding that I stutter over every word I say - And I can?t seem to keep my mind on all the normal day to day - And when you throw your arms around me - My heart just skips a beat right where it?s at, And I?m telling you girl - This is a place that I ain?t never been before - Where every time I hold you, you leave wantin? more - Oh but that?s OK, it?s just another day with you - (Chorus) - And I?m picturing a day when we go dancing in the street - And the rain falls down around us, and there?s you in your bare feet - You?re singin? and you?re laughin? - And you want everyone to know that you love me - Then you take me by the hand and we dive head first into love - My only fear is I?ve been dreamin? and someday I?ll wake up - Oh but that?s OK, at least I had today with you -

Lyrics Curt Cramer Music Country Mile
Label Mile High
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