I Can Dream

Song Length 5:43 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving Subject Will
Language English Era 2000 and later


We all see it on the TV, movie stars and athletes - Man they got it good - They just shine up their Mercedes - Spend their nights out with the ladies - Man that must be rough - I?d be the talk of every party, and everyone would know me - And I?d pass the time with caviar and wine - And I?ll bet they?d put my name up, on the Hollywood walk of fame but - Somethings just ain?t meant to be - But I can dream, I can dream - Just this empty backpack and half a pack of smokes I got for free - Cause the cashier didn?t see me - Got my thumb up in the air, I?ll let you take me anywhere - Hell, it?s gotta be better than here - I don?t mean no one no harm, lets just say life?s been a little hard on me - And I just want some place that I can call my home - There ain?t no house with a white picket fence, no lovin? wife to spend it with - No these streets are where I?ll be until I die - But I can dream, I can dream - So tonight when I get home, I?ll fall down on my knees - And I?ll send one up for someone who needs it more than me - And let them dream, let ?em dream - Man it sure is hot here in this uniform, in this country I don?t know well - And I?m kinda scared - Tell me why are they shootin? at us, don?t they know we?re on their side - Why don?t they care, God why don?t they care - Can?t they see that what we?re building is the thing they?ve always wanted - Ain?t no way in hell they?re gonna do it without me - And I can?t wait to see their faces, when they finally see God?s graces - And the chance to live in peace and just be free - I can dream, I can dream

Lyrics Curt Cramer Music Country Mile
Label Mile High
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