Don't Listen to Your Heart

Song Length 4:03 Genre R & B - General, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Heartbreak, Courage Language English
Era 2000 and later


Don't Listen to Your Heart


Don't listen to your heart

Cut your ties girl I've got no more need of you
Shed more tears than my heart had to give
Shut the door and don't you take forever now
I've got a life and dreams I've have to live

Gotta go cause I don't want you
To listen to your heart
Gotta go coz I don't want to
Listen to this heart
Memories of a life before
A life that I don't want no more I told you
Don't listen to your heart

No don't listen

Back to business nothing is forever now
I'm too old for the stories that they tell
Fools forgiven, hearts break even, nothing stays the same
Closer, nearer, truth made clearer, and I'm going insane


I wish this could be a perfect world
A better place to love for a boy and girl
But we gotta work pay bills look out for number one
But I just wish that number one for you, was me

No, don't listen to your heart

I thought that I told you
Don't listen to your heart
Gotta go coz I don?t want your lies
Memories of a life before
A life that I don't want no more I told you
Don't listen to your heart

No don't listen,

I don't want you, I don't want you

Don't listen to your heart

Nice beat and rhythm. Loved the vibe and feel of the song. You can't sit and listen to this without moving...that's a good sign. Instrumentation and vocals were good. Great job.

The acoustic guitar sound at the beginning and on the chorus is cool. Really throughout the sound of the guitar is great. Nice job with arrangement. The effect you are using on the lead vocals adds to the overall character and mood of the song. You have a very ethereal vibe with this song, which is a bit unique for R&B. Good Job!!!

Very groovy track. The beat is divine. The voice is good.

Your voice is great, and you wrote a great song

Really like this track - nice catchy chorus - kind of reminds me of savage garden (in a good way).

I like the story you're telling, and the sound of your voice

Really good song. Nice vocals.

Very Nice...reminds me of John B when he first came out! Sexy little scratch in your voice. Nice music selection and play with words as the song breaks down. Definely radio material....see you on top! <;o)

Nice R & B, love the interweaving of vocals, could be a hit

Lyrics COSTA (Costa Ioannides) Music COSTA (Costa Ioannides)
Producer COSTA (Costa Ioannides) Performance (COSTA) Costa Ioannides - All Vocals, Instruments, Recording, Programming & Production
Label Sagittarius Projects

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