Comfort Zone (Acoustic/Live at CYBC)

Story Behind The Song

Watching the news on any given day

Song Description

Taking comfort in your loves one/s given the stress and horrors present in the real world

Song Length 3:05 Genre Folk - Religious, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Subject General
Similar Artists Coldplay Language English
Era 2000 and later


COMFORT ZONE - by Costa Ioannides

I lie awake at night
What a terrible state the world is in
and I see another beautiful stranger
lying in the ashes of the house
that daddy made for her
His whole life - fighting for his family
Home to home
they throw you out of that one so you just build another one
So I hold my baby, there's so much comfort by her side
The only one that can help me ease my mind
I can't describe the beauty in her eyes
It makes me high
Block out the clouded world outside
Turn off the TV
Switch off my Christianity
And just lose myself - in you
I lie to God again
wear a chain with a cross around my neck
but I walk on by, while children die
And I - see things going on
on my TV screen that
they seem so wrong
So I don't watch the news no more
So I hold my baby and forget about the terrible truth and lies
The only one who can help me turn back time

I like your guitar sound very much, the vocals are very clear and profound. The lyrics are contemporary and original. The chorus guitar riff is very pleasant, catchy and memorable. My highest score goes to your voice. Good luck with your music.

Nice song, good lyrics, superb voice, a nostalgic meditative mood. Instrumentation could be considered simple but for the mood of the song is ok.

Comfort Zone - A very moving soundtrack song with brilliant lyrics that really pull on ones conscience!

Lyrics C Ioannides Music C Ioannides
Producer C Ioannides Performance Costa Ioannides (guitar/vocals - live)
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