just like a butterfly

Song Length 3:15 Genre Pop - Rock

This is a great song. The instrumentation is very good. The vocals are good. The drums and guitars work good together. I like the short stops of the music in the song. The lead was sweet. The lyrics work pretty good also.

Good driving beat. Arrangement is just right. Like the guitar solo a lot! Title could be Take A Chance or Just Like A Butterfly. Interesting end - didn't predict that at all!

Good stuff overall! The instrumental part of this song seems to be well recorded and captures a cool 80's hair band/metal vibe. I dig the guitar work and guitar solo bits.

The overall structure is good, and helps the song move forward. I can tell the musicians on this track definitely have solid chops. Good job and keep rockin!!

Strong beat, good energy. Good guitar! Reminds me of the Doors.

I like the sound of the drums and the rhythm guitar - sounds a little like Pat Benatar's band.

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