Song Description

Thoughts for my child, right as he was born

Song Length 4:22 Genre Pop - Religious
Language English Era 2000 and later


I'm not built to understand just what I'm looking at when I see you
and by the way you laugh at me so openly
I think you know more than I do
questions come up everywhere and I'm giving my parents grey hair
I'm so sorry mom

But when the cycle comes around maybe then you'll see
It's not me you're looking for- It's not me you're searching for
and if time held you dying would you be?
cause it's not me, it's not me
what a world

We're ripped in questions, we're sewn in answers
and we're seamless, floating here among the stars
I gotta fat surprise with a pair of his mama's eyes
and he's got her charm
time's are good then times are bad
so we thank the Lord for what we have
before it's gone away


Do you want this
because I want this
Do you want this
you know I want this


Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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