Christopher Ray, Pensacola Florida native, has been featured in 6 printed publications to include colleges PJC and UWF, 2 newspapers to include the Pensacola News Journal on three seperate occasions, three different televised news broadcasts with one of those he played live, and he has had many local radio interviews on TK101 with the on air personalities Candy, Skeet, and Mark the Shark. He participated in the First Shooting Star Contest and was the only solo act in his category. Acclaimed judges placed him highest out of all his competitors in terms of his live performance. Chris also led two different bands to participate at Springfest twice, once in 2002 and also last year, 2005. Chris has obvious commercial appeal with the potential to crossover into different genres. Fans praise his ability to sing with such passion and soul: his performances are known to be hypnotic and fascinating. Whether alone on an accoustic or in front of a band, Christopher is a legend in the making...


I was born to parents Donna and Rick on March 4th, 1982 in Eglin Air Force Base, Ft. Walton Beach Florida. Most of my natural life has been on the Gulf Coast, so naturally I love the beach and all the stuff that comes along with a Florida lifestyle. Luckily, I grew up with a better than average head on my shoulders, which to this day I still haven't used to nearly its full potential, but hell, I have it so it's there if I need it, right? I graduated highschool fron Navarre High and made some great friends that I'll never forget. After torturing my teachers for those four years I moved to Pensacola where I first became serious with music, mostly as a means to fight boredom. Over the last five years I've been in and out of bands, met some incredible musician's, played many gigs, and wrote many songs. The main purpose of me getting this site is to sling some of my better songs thorugh Taxi to see if any of the Big Fish in the music biz wanna bite on my tasty hooks. I love music, and I look forward to the different songs I will continue to come up with throughout my life. Ultimately, I would love to have my music get to the point where it can support my family in comfort. Until then, enjoy and if ya like it, tell a couple friends and your momma!

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