In the Game

Song Length 2:25 Genre Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English


(Verse 1)
The poison in my veins is twisting and turning
It tears at my soul, I feel it burning
This pain won?t let go, planted in my mind
The hatred will grow in a matter of time

I see you and you see me and do we think the same
I?m with her and she?s with him it?s all in the games that we play

(Verse 2)
A wrench in your plans and a slight complication
It?s not a surprise, just added frustration
It gets in your head, begins to control
You don?t know how to feel between lies and the truth

I see you and you see me, we?re on a different plane
I?m with her and she?s with him chasing dreams in the thunder and rain
Feel the rain

(Verse 3)
The stranger in my veins is setting in stronger
It?s pulling me down, I feel it no longer
If I could let go and free up the pain
Spend some time on my own, get away from the game

I see you and you see me do you feel loss or gain
I?m with her and she?s with him, it?s all in the things that we say

Lyrics Christopher Bennett Music Christopher Bennett
Producer Christopher Bennett Performance Christopher Bennett, Kenneth Karasek, John Taminski
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