Close Your Eyes

Song Length 4:27 Genre Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 1990 - 1999


(Verse 1)
She wants so much more than I can give, but I?ve been changing
Into someone who can?t live a life of rearranging
Thoughts and pictures burn so deep, the promises we?ll never keep
That fade into the fire of our souls

Games of give and take were what we had, and I?m done playing
Rules are bent and words are scattered, don?t know what we?re saying
If we could only stop and learn, how does it feel the tables turned
I just can?t say I?m sorry anymore
I just can?t say I?m sorry anymore

What would justify your dreams
Am I really what you need
Feelings come and feelings fade, I don?t know why they drift away
I?m leaving all excuses at the door

(Verse 2)
Hazy words are forming in the mist, but I can?t hear you
Resolution we had missed the chances we held on to
Is nothing ever understood, did things turn out the way they should have
Given us a warning from the start

Is there anyone to blame, will we ever feel the same
Some for good and some for bad, the memories that we?ll always have
I?ve learned so much it?s gotten me this far

Close your eyes and you?ll feel better in the morning
Close your eyes and you?ll feel fine
Close your eyes and you?ll feel better
Open up there?s so much left to find

Lyrics Christopher Bennett Music Christopher Bennett
Producer Christopher Bennett Performance Christopher Bennett, Kenneth Karasek, John Taminski
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