Black & Blue (#1 New Age-Religious)

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Top Ten - New Age:Religious #1 New Age-Religious

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In today's world there is a real issue with people understanding and committing to the truth AND to a truthful outlook on life AND a commitment to a truthful relationship....this song ponders those concepts.

Song Length 4:37 Genre New Age - Progressive, New Age - Progressive
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Serene, Cool Subject Falling in Love, Change
Similar Artists Eric Clapton, Robbie Robertson Language English
Era 2000 and later


"Black & Blue"
Lyrics and Music by Chet Nichols
Copyright 2017 by Chet Nichols (ASCAP) & Magic Garage Music (ASCAP) ::

A whisper woke me in the dead of night
Took my hand and said, "Let's go for a ride".
Flew me up to the top of a hill
And pointed to the town below, quiet and still
Said, "See those flames, those are hearts on fire.
Those puffs of smoke that's love that's expired.
See those shapes you can't see through?
Those are hearts that are black and blue."
A single tear can turn a flame to dust
Or revive a heart that's trampled and crushed
Where's the answer, one I can use?
So I don't continue to lose
It' s time to choose
"Cause if I live a life that is un-true
Then I will live a life that's black and blue
Then we drifted to the heart of town
Drawn to the colored lights of a merry-go-round
Watched painted ponies gliding up and down
She said, "Hmm, which one would you choose?"
Well, if love's a journey of goodbyes and hellos
And moments of passion that come and then go
I'll choose the colors that take me to you
And stay away from the ponies painted black and blue
I hesitated till I finally let go
Like sunflowers rising from the snow
My heart awakened and pushed back the cold
When You showed the way to break through
So, I'll never lose
Cause if I live a life that is untrue
Then I will live a life without you
And if I give a love that is not true
Then I will live a life that's black and blue
That's black and blue
That's black and blue
That's black and blue

good overall production. good choice of sounds. the song has different styles ( pop, folk)makes more interesting. Voice very goo suitable for this song.

Lyrics Chet Nichols Music Chet Nichols
Producer Chet Nichols Publisher Chet Nichols (ASCAP) & Magic Garage Music (ASCAP)
Performance Chet Nichols Label Magic Garage Records

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