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Some people just seem to be magnets for folks with sad or odd stories.

Song Description

A guy walks into a bar, sits down, and is approached by a woman who proceeds to talk until he can't stand it any longer. He seems to attract people who want to tell their crazy stories. He wonders why this happens to him. It's just too much information!

Song Length 4:49 Genre Country - General, Country - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Diplomatic, Amiable Subject Fun, Party
Similar Artists Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney Language English
Era 2000 and later


T. M. I. (Too Much Information)
By Charlie Crow (BMI) and Marc-Alan Barnette (ASCAP)

Happy hour at the Lucky Strike
On a Wednesday afternoon
Looked like secretaries drinkin' "Three-for-One"
And she'd had quite a few
Grabbed the bar stool next to me
Put her hand right on my knee
For the next two hours would not let me go
By the time she'd finished talkin' about
Her nose job and her adenoids out--

(It was) T.M. I.--too much information
On overload from all this conversation
Tryin' to find a way for me
To execute an exit strategy
Get myself out of this situation
(Away from) T.M.I.--
Too much information

Always been a magnet for members of "Crisis Anonymous"
Broken down homecoming queens
Transvestites with PMS
Clueless cross-dressers drinkin' Jack
Askin' if their gowns make their butts look fat
Hypochondriacs with disease du jour
There's a bull's-eye I can't see
Makes 'em all want to talk to me! (But it's...)

Repeat Chorus

I'm a sensitive guy--I put the toilet seat down
And I'm really, really good with kids
But if I want to know that much
I can just "Google" it!
(Instead of...)

Repeat Chorus

Yeah, T.M. I.--too much information (too much!)

Charles T. Crow
Fading Sunset Music
(501) 554-1602
All Rights Reserved © 2010

Lyrics Charlie Crow and Marc-Alan Barnette Music Charlie Crow and Marc-Alan Barnette
Producer Charlie Crow and Doug Deforest Publisher Charlie Crow and Marc-Alan Barnette
Performance Charlie Crow Label Charlie Crow dba Fading Sunset Music
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