Trapped Inside a Dream

Story Behind The Song

A dreamer sees his lover as he slowly awakens from a life-like dream, only to realize that the vision of loveliness before him was only in his dream. He remembers something had spoiled the relationship, and that he was trapped inside the dream of the lover he misses.

Song Description

A lovely dream is interrupted as the dreamer realizes that the love he had thought was standing before him was only an illusion.

Song Length 3:10 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Pop - Standards
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Poignant, Disturbed
Subject Loneliness, Regret Similar Artists Harry Connick Jr., Frank Sinatra
Language English Era 1950 - 1959


Trapped Inside a Dream
By Charlie Crow

You're standing in the doorway
Crooked smile, eager eyes
Laughter ripples my way
Like a cloud of butterflies
A hint of citrus blossom
Where your shoulder meets the sun
Another morning awesome
That could never be undone

All my senses say it clearly
You're everywhere it seems
But I can't draw you near me
'Cause I'm trapped inside a dream

Slowly I awaken
To greet you from my bed
I must have been mistaken
You were only in my head
I try to recollect
As I turn against the wall
What spoiled a love so perfect
I really can't recall

You're somewhere here inside me
Can't figure what it means
But common sense reminds me
I'm trapped inside a dream
I can see you--
I can feel you--
I can taste you--
I can tell you are so close
I can touch you it seems...

But common sense reminds me
There's no way for you to find me
Even if you were behind me
I'm trapped inside a dream--
Still trapped inside my dream

© 2002 Charlie Crow
Fading Sunset Music
All Rights Reserved

Lyrics Charlie Crow Music Charlie Crow
Producer Charlie Crow and Doug Deforest Publisher Charlie Crow
Performance Charlie Crow
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