Where The Lonely People Go

Story Behind The Song

I was given the idea of this song from "Rockin" Reggie Vincent. Reggie played guitar on Alice Cooper's Schools Out, and one a Gospel Of The Year award last year

Song Description

After seeing his ex, the man reflects on how it makes him feel inside. He realizes that that's how everyone feels who go through similar circumstances. I was very mindful to use words common people would use, at first anyway. Then I got a bit poetic, after the scene was set

Song Length 4:11 Genre Rock - Americana, Folk - Americana
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Quiet Subject Heartbreak, Loneliness
Similar Artists , Jackson Browne Language English
Era 1970 - 1979


Oh there she goes, fading colors in my eyes
Fading colors in my mind
I'm looking to fly...away
Oh there she goes, things will never be the same
Things will never be the same
I'm looking to fly away from here
I'm looking to fly away from here
All I know, all I see, I just cannot go on living in a dream
Silent words, rise and fall, now I finally see the writing on the wall
Now I know,now I know
Where the lonely people go

Oh there they go, forgotten people pass me by
Forgotten people pass me by
I'd battle the past for you
I'd battle the past for you
Falling stars, to the earth
See them scatter dreams across the universe
Eager eyes, they don't see
You are just an echo of a memory
Now I know, now I know
Where the lonely people go

Oh there she goes, fading colors in my eyes
Now I stand all alone, because the past is just an island we all know
Wheel of stars, turn the sky, and my hope is that the dawn will have new eyes
Now I know, now I know
Where the lonely people go

Great track all around.

Absolutely loved this song and would love to hear more from this artist. Great arrangement and great lyrics. Love the strings and backing music...well done...you should be very proud.

This is an absolutely beautiful recording. I love the song. Very nice arrangement!! This is a hit song!!!

I enjoyed the piano lead. Good vocalist as well. Nice idea to take it up a key.

Nice work on this...very well done.

Very nicely done. Great vocal pitch. Nice piano! Very professional. Bravo!

the dawn will have new eyes.( great line dude).great for a movie
scene. needs professional doctoring got that b joel sweep on piano

Great vocal. Nice feel. I like the piano part. Nice dynamics. I like the stop in the song.

Poignant but not overly sentimental. Would probably work in a romance and has a 'Goodbye Girl' feel to it.

great vocals singer is clear fits well with timing

Really well written tune. Nice production, upfront vocal radio ready.

reminds me of Ben Folds, Harry Nilson and Don Mclean. Love the change @ 1:09, love the line "silent words rise & fall", love the line "just an echo of a memory", love the line "see them scatter dreams across the universe" I really like this song.

WOW - what a great song!!
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Lyrics Michael Casali Music Michael Casali
Producer Michael Casali Publisher Michael Casali
Performance Michael Casali
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Where The Lonely People Go

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