Everything But You

Song Length 4:17 Genre Country - Americana
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Similar Artists Amy Grant
Language English

Nice wafting guitar licks wandering around... a good haunting americana country feel...

Wow!! Stellar Track, very haunting vibe to it! Really dig it, For real! Everything's spot on!

I love this song. Neat minor feel with a edgy groove. The vocal is dynamic and wonderful...major vocal chops...sung with intensity and feeling. Fine recording, arrangement and excellent playing. This just rocks my socks off!

Nice haunting introduction. Very enjoyable....

I like he dark nature of this song. It has a cool bass riff. the lyrics seem to fit well and I don't have any issues at all with lyrics. Good song!

Solid beat and good groove

WOW!--what a performance!--just beautiful--thanxs--joe

these lyrics speak to the harsh reality of the human condition. i feel your pain. well written, composed and performed. nice job!

Interesting arrangement. Haunting melody. The recording creates an impression of emptiness and loneliness.

This is a great song, I really enjoyed listening to it. I'm not a country fan, but this was great. I love the lyrics, and there was a dark melody to it that I enjoyed a lot.

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