Don't Open My Door

Story Behind The Song

I was in a small town local bar kickin back and people watching as I often do... When I spotted this older chic ..(once a real looker in her time) sitting at the bar, smoking a cigarette, sippin on a cold one,and half halfheartedly engaged in a conversation with a middle aged man ..who was exercising his best pic-up lines....... But it appeared she had been there and done that.. and was not impressed... And so the story goes....

Song Length 4:23 Genre Country - Americana, Rock - Americana
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Uptight Subject Life
Similar Artists The Eagles, Lucinda Williams Language English
Era 2000 and later


Don't Open My Door
Carla Y.Bak 2012

Sitting here on this old barstool because
It's the only friend I have left
listen to you go on.. all about yourself

Don't you open my door
Don't come around no more
Cause my door is closed

Those pretty lines you've been handing me honey
I've been handed before
Those old cliques your using sweetheart
They just ain't working for me anymore


I'm to smart to fall
To stupid to leave here
To tired to care anymore
To restless to think I really belong here
To young to throw in the towel


I'm telling you
You want nothing to do
With a crazy girl like me
I'll nag you, annoy you and totally destroy you
I'm a bitch I'm bossy ..its true


Lyrics Carla Y. Bak (Carly Bak) Music Carla Y. Bak
Producer Carly Bak and Pete Price Publisher Sleeping Dog Studio
Performance Carly Bak

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