Story Behind The Song

When I first took up golf my patience was so bad that I quit drinking anything with caffeine just to try to settle in a little bit. It helped my concentration and allowed me to wait on my shot.

Song Description

Many people when first trying something new will have an exaggerated idea of what it takes to perform efficiently. After some gun-jumping you finally settle into you're own groove

Song Length 2:50 Genre Blues - Rock, Blues - Chicago
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Anxious, Cool Subject Change, Determination
Similar Artists Eric Clapton, James Taylor Language English
Era 2000 and later


Ready?Fire?Aim-Harry Henry Hann

I?m in the front row at the main attraction
I wanna refine this knee-jerk reaction
When you?re on top then you get to do lunch
If you beat your brother to the sucker punch
You?ve gotta be faster than the other guy
You?ve gotta be first or they don?t give you a try

I?ve got an idea and I think it will work
I like my approach except for one little quirk
I get so anxious when I wanna win the game
Let?s do it now! Ready, Fire?Aim

There must be a million cars in this place
Right now I?m just lookin? for one parking space
This ain?t like back home where you can park anywhere
Each piece of land is divided and squared
If I don?t jump the gun I?m gonna lose this game
I?m talking bout ready, fire, aim

Don?t ever be shy about the power that you wield
Step up to the plate and point to centerfield
Kill the first pitch that leaves the pitchers hand
When you strike out swingin? it still looks great in the stands
At least everybody?s gonna know your name
I?m talkin? ?bout ready, fire, aim


I think there?s a place in the world for me
Now I?m keepin? the right kinda company
Whenever my stack is about to blow I back off the pace and I take it slow
To this dramatic pause I now aspire
I?m lookin? at ready???..aim????.fire!

Lyrics Harry Henry Hann Music Harry Henry Hann
Producer Harry Henry Hann Publisher Breadfruit for Breakfast Music (BMI)
Performance Captain Harry Label Goin Native

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