Have A Cigar

Story Behind The Song

Around 1995 cigar smoking was re-popularized and as a singer it became something that could quickly kill my performance. As a musician smoke never bothes me and as a matter of fact I do enjoy smoking cigars a lot, however it comes down to where and when a

Song Description

All the pleasures and drawbacks of enjoying cigars while other people are not sharing your enthusiasm.

Song Length 2:45 Genre Blues - Rock, Blues - Delta
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Engaging, Cool Subject Masculinity, Cigarettes
Similar Artists Dr. John, Leon Russell Language English
Era 2000 and later


Have a Cigar- Harry Henry Hann

Have a Cigar- Everybody is a star
Have a Cigar- Get your puffing up to par
Let me be blunt- You could smoke it right up front
A Questa del Rey- Just let a big man lead the way
They'll be sellin'- You'll be smellin'
Have a Cigar

Have a Cigar- Just don't smoke it in my car
Take it outside- Don't be stinkin' up my ride
Some smell ok- Just take it outside anyway
A lady might puff if she's really man enough
They'll be sellin', you'll be smellin'- Have a Cigar

Panatella- You're a smart successful fella
Fine and mellow- But you're teeth are turning yellow
Tiparillo watch those smoke rings start to billow
George Burns was the man
He just held it in his hand

Have a Cigar- You'll be blowin' lots of smoke
Have a Cigar- Watch that singer start to choke
Have a cheroot- Long and slender, kinda cute
Stick it in your mouth
Watch all your non-smoking friends go south
They'll be sellin'- You'll be smellin'
Have a Cigar

Lyrics Harry Henry Hann Music Harry Henry Hann
Producer Harry Henry Hann Publisher Breadfruit for Breakfast Music (BMI)
Performance Captain Harry Label Goin Native

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