It's Lonely Out Here

Story Behind The Song

For the most part I have a wonderful family and I enjoy their company, but there are those times when you've just got to get away so instesd of leveling with them you'll make up an excuse to get away.

Song Description

Sometimes when faced with a domestic coma a man will opt for a lesser coma and will then pretend that he's really doing it so his significant other can enjoy this experianc e much better if he were'nt around.

Song Length 3:24 Genre Country - General, Country - Traditional
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Relaxed Subject Masculinity, Loneliness
Similar Artists Garth Brooks, Jimmy Buffett Language English
Era 2000 and later


It?s Lonely Out Here- Harry Henry Hann

Honey, sometimes I think about the Tupperware party you?re givin? Saturday and how I?d love to be there?But I would just slowdown your day. So me and the boys will tee off early that morning so I won?t be in your way

Yeah it?s lonely out here playin? golf
You can even hear the wind blow
Hours of boredom after I tee off
That?s the way my sad song goes

And sometimes I think about how I love to be there when your mama comes over??Cause she?s got some great ideas about how we could more wisely spend our money and better raise the children?but I think me and the boys are gonna hitch up the boat just so you gals can have your space

Yeah it?s lonely out here fishin?
You can even hear the wind blow
Hours of boredom and indecision
That?s the way this sad song goes

And sometimes I think about that new shopping mall with its great clothing stores, restaurants and what not shops? Sweet smelling candles and soaps, bubble baths? 3 different gourmet coffee shops?

But it?s lonely out here watchin? sports
Just me and this young barmaid
99 channels and lots of beer
I?m almost too lonely to give a cheer

Lyrics Harry Henry Hann Music Harry Henry Hann
Producer Harry Henry Hann Publisher Breadfruit for Breakfast Music (BMI)
Performance Captain Harry Label Goin Native

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