I Lost my Father to the Sea

Story Behind The Song

Joshua doesn't understand what has happened and thinks his father has willfully abandoned him while Bruce lies near death in the boarding house. Will Bruce ever be able to meet his son again on that other shore? Will Odysseus ever return from the phamaceutical war? More of the story in the next song, "The Spark of Life."

Song Description

Bruce composed this orchestral piece for the victims and survivors of the tsunami tragedy in Sumatra in 2004. The lyric speaks from the voice of a boy who lost his fisherman father to the sea when the waves came. The song is also a metaphor for what happened between Bruce and his son Joshua when Bruce was carried away by the sea of the collective unconscious in order to pass through his spiritual incubation and transformation, living among the homeless disabled under the most torturous physical, emotional and spiritual circumstances.

Song Length 5:49 Genre Classical - Contemporary


I Lost my father to the Sea
Bruce Anderson 2005

I lost my father to the sea,
He took the boat out yesterday,
Before the waves arrived,
When they came crashing to the shore,
The waves engulfed my dreams,
And no-one on the boat survived,
At all,

Leaving me here standing by this wall,
Nothing can console me as I fall,
Knowing that he'll never catch my ball,
Never get to see me growing tall,


Father hear my cries,
I'm calling out to you,
The waves have washed your life away,
There's nothing I can do,

But I believe you'll wait for me,
Upon another shore,
Until that day I'll hope and pray,
It's me you will adore,

Watching me from up above,
As I will learn and grow,
Knowing how you gave your love,
And held me long ago,

So for now I'll say good-bye,
And leave you to the sea,
But always know your guiding love,
Is deep inside of me,

I lost my father to the sea,

He was the best man that I know,
He gave me love,
And sang the sweetest lilting lullabies,
But now he's resting in the sea,
I can't believe that he's not here,
To dry the tears that cloud my eyes,

Father hear the power of my cries,
Can you see me calling out to you,
Are you now in heaven in the skies,
Do you know how much I love you,

I lost my father to the sea...

Lyrics 2005 Bruce Anderson Music 2005 Bruce Anderson
Producer 2005 Bruce Anderson Performance 2005 Bruce Anderson
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