Feelin' Blue

Song Length 2:35 Genre Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll, Blues - Rock
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Language English


Whenever I?m feelin? blue
I don?t want money, I don?t want candy
I just want my honey
Whenever I?m feelin? blue, I reach out for you

Whenever I?m feelin? down
I can?t smell flowers, I can?t see rainbows
A minute lasts an hour
Whenever I?m feelin? down, I want you around

You push all the clouds away from me
Put your arms around me now, I?m free

There?s a letter in the mail
It says I wrote some bad checks
The phone starts ringing
There's trouble singing
If I can?t hide today, I?ll just run away

Whenever I?m feelin? blue
I can?t hear music, I?ve got no rhythm
I just feel so useless
Whenever I?m feelin? blue, all I want is you

Whenever I?m feelin? blue
Whenever I?m feelin? blue
I call you up, it?s nothing new
Yea, there?s no doubt, it?s what you do
When I?m feelin? blue

Lyrics Brian Cottrill Music Brian Cottrill
Producer Brian Cottrill Performance Staggered
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