Something To Hide

Song Length 3:12 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Modern
Language English


Lie to me and you say it?s the truth
Truth, you make it a lie, yes indeed
I don?t know when I?ll see our other side
You say you?re my friend, you?ll always be there for me

But I know there?s more
You got something to hide
You can?t just walk in the door
Shake my hand with a smile on your face
Expect me to believe that you don?t have something to hide

Yea, you want all the gold you can get
No, you could care less if we die
There?s no way, things will ever be the same
Now you say, to start over now, we?ll try (no way!)

But you lied before
I can see through your eyes
You can?s just walk out the door
Leaving me with your broken promises
While you cover your tracks
You?ve got something to hide

Yea, your day?s gonna come
When there?ll be nowhere to hide
Just when you thought it was fun
You?re all alone with your money and lies
You got no where to run, all you have is something to hide
Yea, something to hide
Yea, something to hide

Lyrics Brian Cottrill Music Brian Cottrill
Producer Brian Cottrill Performance Staggered
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