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This song recognizes the jealousy in a relationship toward an outside influence such as work, etc. Yet at the same time the apathy felt toward the motivation of the other person in the relationship.

Song Length 5:28 Genre Pop - Alternative, Pop - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject General


Written By: Marcus and Emily Harrison
Copyright: 2006

Well it's another call on the telephone
And I say that I won't be long
Well I know it isn't true
Its another night at the office late
Hoping that you'll stay up and wait
For me?what will you do?

And I just wish that you would realize
Just how much I have sacrificed..
For Us
Well if you only knew
Well if you only knew

But how can I fight what you cannot see
You overlook how your killing me
With all your jealousy
Well I am wasted by your apathy

It's funny I feel so alone
Even when I'm here at home
With you - what went wrong?
It seems that your just satisfied
With me here right by your side
Would you notice if I'd gone?

Sometimes I wish that I'd just walk away
But I know that I'll prob'bly stay
And Fight
But am I that strong..
Oh am I that strong


But you can't understand how I'm torn in between us
As I fight to hold on - I try hard to control it
But you can't understand how I'm torn in between us
All this time that I've tried - but I can't make it leave us




By your apathy
By your apathy

Lyrics Emily and Marcus Harrison Music Marcus Harrison
Performance Brandon Moore vocals, Charles Eno drums, Jarrod Thompson guitar, Marcus Harrison bass
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