Miner's Nightmare

Song Description

Trapped Miners and the hope of being found

Song Length 3:10 Genre Country - Alternative, Country - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Moving
Subject Miner Language English
Era 2000 and later


Miner's Nightmare
by: Emily Harrison

Recessed and buried
Down deep in the land
Is that dirty black coal
Thats dug out by strong hands
Putting love, life and family
Even God on the line
Its every miner's nightmare
Being trapped in the mines

Trapped Deep
Rummaging through the tunnels of my mind
Wondering if its day or if its night
Scared but way too tough to ever cry
Trapped Deep

Suffocating darkness
Dehydrated soul
Losing consciousness quickly
Frozen so cold
Do we give up the fight
Or fight to see another day
Its the risk and the challenge
Every miner takes


Is it my imagine
Or can we hear the sound
Of the voices of loved ones
As they pull us from the ground
Blinded by the light
But so glad to have survived
Thanks to the efforts
They redeemed us alive


Lyrics Emily Harrison Music Shane Harrison
Performance Bridge Monkey
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