Boo Don Gee Gon

Song Length 3:23 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Cajun
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Boo Don Gee Gon
©2013 Greg Lambert

Well I'm tired of all the guys with the high voices getting the songs
People with the low notes feeling like we don't belong
What we need is a tune we can call our own...
Boo Don Gee Gon, Boo Don Gee Gon Gee Gon

Well I've had it up to here with Lum Di Lum Di Li Hi
And Shoo Bop De Wop makes me wanna cry
Doo Run De Run done been around too long
Boo Don Gee Gon, Boo Don Gee Gon Gee Gon


Just give me beer-belly, gut-bucket howling growling sounds
The kind me and the boys like to throw down
And a nonsense line that we can call our own
Boo Don Gee Gon, Boo Don Gee Gon Gee Gon

Sing it boys...

Well I'm tired of all the guys with the high voices getting the songs
People with the low notes feeling like we don't belong
What we need is a tune we can call our own
Boo Don Gee Gon, Boo Don Gee Gon Gee Gon


Love the lyrics, good song, nice beat, catchy tune. Almost sounded like Elvis. Can dance to this song.

With this song, we all get the don't need to do vocal gymnastics.....Just good vibes...

A short and sweet hymn to those low voiced country boys who never get the lead. OakRidge Boys and Statlers eat your heart out...too late for Harold Reid may he rest in peace...he would have loved more than "Kang"....Cute stuff.

Wow! I loved the story, loved the instrumentation. Originality is 5-star for sure. I'm should probably leave the title blank because I will probably butcher the spelling! Great job! :)

smooth country Rock,with a slight Cajun flavor


I like the lyrics a lot. I could totally hear an Outlaw Country artist singing this one.

Now that just killed me. I got so tickled. Nice groove, well done. As somebody with a deeper been readin' my

Had me dancing round the kitchen - rockin!

made me laugh in a good way

Lyrics Greg Lambert Music Greg Lambert
Performance Railroad Trax Productions
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