I've Got A Prayer

Song Length 3:23 Genre Country - Contemporary, Pop - Religious
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful Subject Healing
Language English Era 2000 and later



Back when I was young and restless
My friends were worried I'd go breathless
"I didn't have a prayer" they'd say to me
Guess they were right I was a wild one
But everybody was a child once
Now I've got a prayer
I've got a prayer
I always kept the faith I know it
Just took a little time to show it
Now I've got a ........ prayer

I didn't have to find religion
To start to make some good decisions
I guess I lived enough to just believe
Cos when I finally needed a response
I only had to take a knee once...
Now I've got a prayer
I've got a prayer
The sun will always shine on those that
Can take a little time to know that
They've got a ....... prayer

I've got a prayer
Yes I 've got a prayer
I always had the faith I know it
Should took a little time to grow it
Now I've got a ........ prayer

A most enjoyable listen , loved the piano !

The quality is top shelf!.....

Very interesting perspective. Strong writing. Outstanding hook. I love songs of hope. This one has it. Great stuff here.

Piano works very well for this ballad. Excellent.

I really enjoyed listening to this song. It has a really good feel to it. The lyrics tell a story, which is what Country music is all about. The instrumentation, vocals and production give life to the song and are well suited for the song. Nicely done! It was a really refreshing soon to listen to.

Love the story, vocals and instrumentation. Quite a laid back lounge - type song, could see this placement in a film or tv series.
Overall a very nice listen. Well done!

Lyrics Bobby Caputo Music Bobby Caputo
Producer Bobby Caputo Publisher Bobby Caputo Music Publishing
Performance Bobby Caputo Label Palomino
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