Goin' Up

Song Length 4:33 Genre Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll, Jazz - Swing
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English


Going down to the dope-man's comer
Gonna pass him on the right
Follow the numbered streets
Till I'm clean outta sight

Got my wingtips polished;
My hat it's tipped right
Stop the cab for six roses
I'm getting down tonight

But I'm talkin' up-town
Uptown mama, gonna take you down

Worked hard all week long
Now I've finally got my pay
Passin' trouble and doin' no wrong
Now I'm looking for my baby

Girl's so fine and real
And here I am wearin' my Pay-Less shoes
Baby says it's no big deal
Says I'll be playin' in the big league blues

Baby says Daddy's gonna like me
Respects a man who works an honest day
I'm trying to listen but she excites me
When she moves her lips that way

Goin' up the steps of the altar
Got my best friend on the right
Follow my baby's eyes as they sparkle in the light
"Yes I do," she told me
Made my chest feel a little tight
Daddy's kinda pale-lookin'
I'm getting' down tonight

Lyrics Bobby Manriquez Music Bobby Manriquez
Producer Bobby Manriquez Publisher Bobby Manriquez (b-side blues/ASCAP)
Performance Bobby Manriquez Label b-side blues records
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