Family Traditions (FT)

Song Description

An anecdotal portrayal of the common, sometimes humorous presence of dysfunction in the average family.

Song Length 3:37 Genre Rock - Funk, R & B - Funk
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Dysfunctional Family


It's sociological misinformation says that blood is thicker than the H20
Got some news for the old
That says what's thick is the head
On top this old fashioned mission we call Family Tradition.

Dysfunction dictates certain rules of order
Not to mention border-line insanity
To keep the peace on holiday (we'll) do it mama's way
Haven't seen daddy; sis-she tends to preach
Unreal how some with no young seem to know what's really up with patience and bringing up the kids.
Just love those silent meals with spicy forced conversation
Hopin' decades of steam don't pop the family lid.

We're talkin' a wide line between love and blood
It's occurring to me that we're talkin about babes
And when you're doing it, may not be thinkin' much of makin' them
Then show 'em the rules; they definitely tend to be breakin' 'em....Why'?
Cause it can get confusin'
As the signs are there when through life you go cruisin'
Formality can get on down the pike
I'm more comfy knowin' I can have love without like

My babe is still seekin her dad's approval
Seems like he improved some with his second wife.
Hearin' some low down stories bout some absent parties
Hope they don't get started on my haggard life
Family Traditions

Lyrics Bobby Manriquez Music Bobby Manriquez
Producer Bobby Manriquez Publisher Bobby Manriquez (b-side blues/ASCAP)
Performance Bobby Manriquez (vocals, all guitars, keyboard/effects), Sonny Petrosky (bass), Bruce Guttridge (drums) Label b-side blues records
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