Another Shade of Blue

Song Description

Romantic ballad with an easy listening, jazzy feel.

Song Length 5:18 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cool, Engaging Language English


It's no hard luck story; Fact is I'm in a real good mood
Feelings come as I strum along It just flows with my attitude
Nothing real unusual
It's just another shade of blue

I gotta soft gentle feeling
It's kinda sexy too
I want you to move with me, baby
Let the music be our body glue
Slow, easy, feel the color
It's just a different shade of blue

Dream makers, heart breakers
Unreal and true
No matter what version your story;
This little song's for you

Might sound melancholy,
But baby there's just no gloom
I got some strong, strong feelings
Just you and me in this here cozy room
Feeling is believing.......
It's just another shade of blue

Relive them, forgive them-
Old things and new
Seems simple, but it's not so easy, baby
To feel this good without you

I feel you tremblin', baby
I feel most unusual, too
Meter's in the red zone, girl
'fraid we're stuck like glue
Nothin' real unusual
It's just another shade of blue
My hands will start things flowin', baby
It's just a gentle touch of blue

Lyrics Bobby Manriquez Music Bobby Manriquez
Producer Bobby Manriquez Publisher Bobby Manriquez (b-side blues/ASCAP)
Performance Bobby Manriquez (vocals, all guitars, drums, keyboard), Sonny Petrosky (bass), Jimmy Van Keuren (string synth) Label b-side blues records
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