Truth Or Dare

Song Description

There comes a time in many relationships when one person wants out. But the other person wants to hang on.

Song Length 3:18 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Hard Rock
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Restless, Irritated Subject General, Frustration
Language English Era 2000 and later


The life I lead I can't explain
But day to day I live in pain
Your love, I long to share
Your wrath is mine to bare
Come on now, it's truth or dare

I say it's black, you say it's white
By the time I'm ready to give up
You've changed your stripes
I seek an answer - You block with lies
And I am sick and tired
Of your complete disguise
It's your choice - It's truth or dare

I'm the one, the one you think
Is here to ease your pain
But there's another sucker born today
I don't even think you have a clue
That you're so insincere
I'm moving on - so stay away
'Cause it doesn't matter what you say
I'm tired of the games you play
'Cause you're the victim, and I'm the crime
But I'm no the one who's gonna be beaten
I don't care what books you've been readin'
There ain't no more abusing me
Why can't you just say goodbye
Before I lose control and all sense of pride

I can't keep living this way
So all I ask of you - Please turn, then go away
I'm saying prayers, it's truth or dare

Lyrics Stephen Alan Music BlindFold
Producer BlindFold Performance BlindFold
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