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Sometimes it seems that no matter how ard we try and make it all work out, someone or something out there is working against us. Eventually, we just need to escape to a nice sandy beach, and let our cares flow out with the tide.

Song Length 3:25 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Classic
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Disconcerted, Cheerful Subject General, Life
Language English Era 1980 - 1989


We spend our lives in some kind of debt
Bust our ass, but still we fret
'Cause somehow the bills just don't get paid
I've worked my fingers to the bone
The bank account, it ain't hardly grown
But those are the breaks I guess, I can't stress

Oh God bless this place
Where I'm allowed to take my time
Drink some tequila and lime and get all wasted
Give me those white sands and the warm hands
Of a beautiful blue eyed blond
I'm gonna hitch a ride, and maybe I'll write a song

We're much too young to die so old
Just another thought that leaves me cold
I'd like to think that life had just begun
But I keep thinking there's something I've missed
Whatever it was I must've gone and kissed it good-bye
'Cause it's gone, but I keep hanging on
There's something in life that keeps on egging me on

The boss is on your case, he's screaming
You want it when - Oh man you're dreaming
I've got enough to do today
Listen here, it's become clear
I'm telling you I've had it up to here
I'm getting away, I'm leaving town
I need a vacation

Lyrics Stephen Alan Music BlindFold
Producer BlindFold Performance BlindFold
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