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Long time relationships -- lets face it... after many years together we know everything about each other.... That can be a bad thing if you've got a lot of baggage.... and after a long time we take each other for granted...and to often one partner or the other won't let go of the baggage...They won't let go of the past... It keeps being brought to the surface making the relationship suffer over and over and over again. Everyone suffers for it and in the process the frustration of trying to bring the relationship back to something that is comforting... safe .... hmmmm. We need each other... no questions asked... both feet in. It's the only way. We need "Solace".

Song Length 4:00 Genre R & B - Soul, Pop - Dance
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Troubled, Disconcerted Subject Dysfunctional Relations, Frustration
Similar Artists Mary J. Blige Language English
Era 2000 and later


Solace By Beth Rowan Metzler
(C) 2015

Need you to know I didn't mean to... I didn't mean to upset you... And I'm troubled by whats inside

You know I'm Like a crap magnet...
If somethings gonna go wrong it's....
Me who trouble finds

And all I ever do is try to... do the things that I'm supposed to... I seem to always let you down... I don't know how to make it right....
And right now I don't want to hear how I disappoint you... I only want you to hold me tight....

Cause baby I

I need Solace
I need comfort
I need not to fight any longer
Hold me baby just be here by my side
take me into you arms and I'll be fine
Yeah... I'll be fine

Need you to know that the past passed
I can't keep lugging it around on my back
Can't keep lugging no I can't, Can't keep lugging round.... all of this trash

I keep resisting your pride and your doubt...
It drags me thru the mud and back around
What does it take for you trust and believe when I say my love's profound

Like air I only breath you
I try to do the things that please you...
Still you keep on turning back from the future we could have
And right now I don't want to hear how I disappoint you cause you disappoint me too.... deep inside

Cause baby I....

Need Solace
I Need comfort
I need not to fight any longer
Hold me baby just be here by my side
Take me ins to your arms and I'll be fine

I need Solace... cause deep inside your hurting me
Deep inside.... I'm trouble
Deep inside.... I'm angry
Deep inside.... I'mLoving you
Deep inside....so profoundly
Make it right... set it free... let it go...
Let the past be the past... and all of this trouble
Cause deep inside... I need solace... I need comfort... I need you

I need Solace... I need comfort... I need Solace

The vocalist is a gem, congratulations you are amazing! I feel the blending of grooves and the dance. Love all the drums and the cadence. Very nice hook delivered by the singer, her rhythmic style, rich voice and great chops makes the song. Very nice ending to the song too!! One of the most important parts and many times sadly overlooked when you hear songs just cut off. Your song does what good songs do.... Make you wanna hear it again.

Some parts of the song conflicts with the vocals. The instrumental is too clashy with the lyrics.

great vocal you have that lisa stansfield style going on
big production on this. would be interesting to hear a more stripped back arrangement on it as well. cool song i really enjoyed it, classy

Loved the Instrumentals and the Vibe that set the outstanding
Vocal performance. Loved the back up Vocals. outstanding passionate performance! Very catchy Lyrics.
Excellent mixing & Mastering Radio Quality Hit!
Very Original R&B with 21st century Instrumentals.
Reminds me of Sade!
Can't express enough the Passionate delivery capturing very much of all involved on this hit!

Lyrics Beth Rowan Metzler Music Beth Rowan Metzler
Producer Beth Rowan Metzler
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