Stay Together

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The longer you stay together the more likely you are to take each other for granted

Song Length 3:54 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Folk - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Moving, Heartbreaking
Subject Breaking Up, Heartbreak Language English
Era 2000 and later


Stay Together

Memories of a first love kiss
I recall it something like this
We were young and much in love
And all was right with God above
Huddled on a bench in a northern chill
Hearts were warmed and time stood still
Wish we could have stayed together
Wish we could have stayed forever

Something caused our love to grow
Ask me how, I?ll never know
We would fight and she would scream
We?d meet somewhere in between
And when I spoke to her tenderly
She?d whisper she loved me
Wish we could have stayed together
Wish we could have stayed forever

And just when all was well, playing games of kiss and tell
Sharing desperate hopes and secret dreams
In a moment suddenly, we crossed the line, a boundary
Gave too much away and left no mystery

Some time on now I have learned
Precious is the love that?s earned
But looking backwards I can see
I?d do things so differently
Words can hurt and words can kill
But faithful wounds make scars that heal
And love can stay together,
Love can stay forever
We could have stayed together,
We could have stayed forever

Phil James
© 2000 Best Ears Music/CopyCare

Lyrics Phil James Music Phil James
Producer Wal Coughlan Performance Phil James plus Session Artists
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