Story Behind The Song

Watching kids living on the streets of Madras (Chennai) cleaning their teeth dressed immaculately in their school uniforms ready for school. Made me think how much we take for granted what we have in the West!

Song Description

Inspired to see those with virtually nothing make so much of so little!

Song Length 4:42 Genre Folk - Alternative, Folk - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Moving, Poignant
Subject Life, Determination Language English
Era 2000 and later



Met a good friend up in Delhi,
Had to come to see his country,
Rode a bus just to keep us from the dirt,
See the sights and sounds of India.
Market stalls and goods for sale,
Narrow streets and taxis hailed,
Traffic jams, Taj Mahal and buffalo,
Pavements children make their home.

Took a train out from the city,
With others help we went AC,
Three days sick, my brother?s looking after me,
Missed my home and missed my family.
Traveled up on through the mountains,
Six hour drive I was counting,
So remote wondered how they could survive,
I was praying to arrive.

Oh India, can't help but be moved by all you do,
Oh India, there's something in the way you see it through,
With death on the streets, no clean water in your veins,
Yet you rise with such beauty and grace, another day.

And the moist, humid breeze blows through palms and through cane,
The cool welcome sound of monsoon rain.

Made it south to Madras,
Had to make the water last,
Stayed with friends saw the city's best and worst,
Slums and colonial buildings from the past.
But I've seen the poor and felt their pain,
Children crying in the sun,
Life should be more than an accident of birth,
But I can leave for home again today!

Phil James
(c)1998 Best Ears Music/CopyCare

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