Writing a Song For You

Song Length 4:12 Genre Folk - General, Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cheerful, Jovial Subject Writer, Musician
Language English Era 2000 and later



You tell me I promised I?d write you a song, in a backstage one cold winter?s night
And you?re wondering why it is taking so long, sure a song can?t be that hard to write
Well, the first line was written a long time ago - It just says, "I wish you were near"
Now I need a chorus, three verses or so, to tell you what you need to hear

So I?m writing this song for you, it will belong to you
Who'd think it could be such fun
I'm laying down lines for you, running down rhymes for you
I'll finish what I've begun - but God, I'll be glad when it's done.

It's not one bit easy to sit and compose, there's so much I'd like to include
Like where we first met and how we grew close - why we wounded as often as wooed.
Yet, from chorus to verse, for better or worse we struggle along anyhow
Now, before those lines change or self-rearrange, I'll pencil them in just for now


Well I've started OK and the ending, they say, will likely look after itself
So I'm stuck in the middle like oftimes before, with no one to blame but myself
I could always fall back on some romantic themes - like moonlight and roses and wine
I suppose I could plunder some dead poet's dreams, but I think you'd prefer to share mine


So I hope you'll be pleased with my musical rhyme, now you know just how hard I have slaved
And I'm sorry it's taken me such a long time - but you know how the road to Hell's paved
Still, you?re my inspiration, my instrumentation, the muse for my poetic powers
But the next time you want me to show you I care, I'll buy you a nice bunch of flowers


Still, I?ve written this song for you, it will belong to you
Who'd think it could be such fun
I've laid down these lines for you, run down these rhymes for you
I've finished what I?d begun ? there now, I think that it?s done

Lyrics Ben Sands Music Ben Sands
Producer Johnny Scott
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