Das Thane Der Oglatharn

Story Behind The Song

Second Movement of the CROM Symphony.

Song Description

Gaul, now recently conquered by Julius Caesar passes into the hands of Rome, the last Druids take refuge at their secret Oppidum, Olgatharn. Here at Oglatharn their secret Thane (Leader/king/Priest) instructs them to go out across the lands, change their dress, hide their ways and pass on the ancient holy wisdom of the Druids to all the Gaulic children that remain. "One day, too far in the distant haze of posterity to hope for in our children's grandchildren's lives...Gaul will rise again!" -the Last Druidic Thane of Oglatharn

Song Length 4:24 Genre Classical - Post-Romantic, Classical - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Moving, Cool Subject Existence, Karma
Language No Language Era 2000 and later



Excellent work. Composition is suberb. The orchestral arrangement is out of this world. A must listen!

Lyrics n/a Music Benjamin Stone
Producer Benjamin Stone Publisher Benjamin Stone
Performance Granite Symphony Orchestra Label n/a
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