Part of My Plan

Song Description

Remembering someone who's taken their life and the hole it left

Song Length 4:00 Genre Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Poignant Subject Suicide
Language English Era 2000 and later



Uncovered your photograph in the bottom drawer tonight
If I kept you out of sight I thought I?d keep you out of mind
But you know that old trick never really works
?Cause I think about you every day and every time it hurts

Part of my plan, you were part of my plan
And I don?t know when I?ll understand
Why you?re no longer part of my plan

When my wheels were sinking deepest in my duty bound rut
You came along and trashed my deadlines with a six pack of Bud
A master of irreverence with your off color jokes
The first one to the party and the last one to go home


We had tickets to the baseball game
You were gonna beat me in the two mile race
Who?s gonna drag me out of bed
To go running in the park half dead
And I never got to tease you
?Bout those girlie mags you were always reading
And I wonder if you ever knew
How much I?d be missing you
?Cause you were part of my plan

Guess I should have seen through that twisted smile on your face
I didn?t taste your bittereness, I couldn?t feel your pain
And I know it?s just a mystery I?m supposed to accept
But I?m not ready for you to be gone, no, not just yet


c 1996, Barbara Martin

Lyrics Barbara Martin Music Barbara Martin
Producer Kevin McNoldy Publisher Barbara Martin Music
Performance Barbara Martin Trio Label Rare Bird Music
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