My Words

Song Description

Contemporary folk, Irish feel with bodhran & violin. Regret over breakup

Song Length 3:32 Genre Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Moving Subject Breaking Up
Language English



Thought I could rule the universe with my words
Speaking lines like poetry desperate to be heard
Thought I could make you see the error of your ways
But stubbornly you refused to change

All the breath I wasted spinning hidden webs
When I could have reached out and held you tight instead
All the letters written, all the arguments I won
Stacked like empty boxes, my words and I alone

Thought love was a puzzle to work out in my head
Stayed up searching for the missing pieces to be said
Thought I could make you stay with the answers that I found
To you they were only meaningless sounds


If I could trade my words for a chance to touch your face
I?d promise to be silent till my soul knows what to say

All the petty differences I could have left undone

Lyrics Barbara Martin Music Barbara Martin & Greg Trafidlo
Producer Barbara Martin & Mac Walter Publisher Barbara Martin Music
Performance Barbara Martin Label Rare Bird Music
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