Song Description

Depression era rural southern folks moving to the north and their adjustment to that life

Song Length 4:00 Genre Folk - Country
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Moving Subject Loneliness, Failure
Language English Era 2000 and later



Grey skies, dirty snow
My old boots full of holes
I feel the city streets so hard and cold
Go on up to Ohio they all said
Factory job?ll keep your family fed
But there?s no gold at this rainbow?s end

Ohio, Sarah I?ve got to go
I?ll buy you the pretty things you?ve wanted so long
Ohio, I?ll be back before you know
For Tennessee will always be my home

Pounding steel in those fiery pits
Saw two men die on the night shift
When they shouted strike I walked with all the rest
Now I?m standing in line, praying for work
Praying the union man won?t get word
But his promises couldn?t keep me warm


Sarah, don?t think I have forgotten
Being down by the creek with the dogs barking
Working the earth, sun on my back
Sitting down to supper in the old log shack

Came here proud, full of dreams
Those cold winds beat that out of me
Can?t make it here, but I can?t leave
Oh, Sarah, can you understand
These streets have made me less than a man
I can?t come back home with empty hands


Barbara Martin, 1993

Lyrics Barbara Martin Music Barbara Martin
Producer Bob Read Publisher Barbara Martin Music
Performance Barbara Martin Label Rare Bird Music
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