Life Is for Living

Song Description

Child's view of living in the moment

Song Length 3:00 Genre Folk - Cajun
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Glad Subject Life
Language English Era 2000 and later



Hey now gonna look around me
Hey now there?s so much to see
Hey now life is for living
And I don?t want to miss a single thing

Sun comes in and the portable radio calls me up to meet the day
The blankets are heavy and the pillow is deep, so it takes a few minutes to get it straight
Here I am in my bed, my house, that?s my toe peeking out of the sheets
My arms reach up, my legs stretch down, here I am all in one piece


Hit the floor, I?m heading for the back door, out to see what I can see
Mom?s calling me in, I know I should go, but the world?s fascinating from the top of a tree
Look at a leaf fall, listen to a bird call, smell an apple blossoming
Whoop at the sky, let it know I?m here, right here where it?s happening


In the house Dad?s frowning at the world state, Mom is worrying about her weight
Sister?s glued to the telephone wondering if she?s got a Saturday date
They can?t see a leaf fall, they?ll never hear a bird call, they can?t smell an apple blossoming
Hey come on out, I wish you were here, right here where it?s happening


c 1993, Barbara Martin

Lyrics Barbara Martin Music Barbara Martin & Greg Trafidlo
Producer Bob Read Publisher Barbara Martin Music
Performance Barbara Martin & Greg Trafidlo Label Rare Bird Music
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