Exit 59

Song Description

Haunting, regretful, bittersweet about deciding whether to leave

Song Length 3:34 Genre Country - Contemporary, Folk - Country
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Poignant Subject Breaking Up
Language English Era 2000 and later



Every night at five walk to the parking lot
Wondering if you?re home, but hoping your not
It?s easier to be alone with one than two
Try to keep my thoughts under lock and key
But when the wheels start turning they break free
And bounce against the windshield come straight back at me

Been searching the horizon, looking for a sign
Should I keep driving past exit 59

I?ve driven this road maybe a million times
Flipped the turn signal up, made the long slow climb
To the house that has never felt much like a home
How can two people live together so long
And night after night pretend nothing?s wrong
With a silence so loud it echos through every room


Been living a life of quiet despair
Knowing that nothing can repair
The damage that?s already been done
Maybe we?d both be better off if I moved on

I could try to explain, would it do any good
Would you start listening when you never could
Or should I spare you the effort of saying goodbye
Guess there?s got to be someone to take the blame
I?ll be the guilty one, you take the shame
Somehow I think you?ll understand a deal?s been made

Been searching the horizon, looking for a sign
The setting sun is telling me it?s about time
That I keep driving past exit 59

Barbara Martin, c 1999

Lyrics Barbara Martin Music Barbara Martin
Producer Steve Wolf Publisher Barbara Martin Music
Performance Barbara Martin Trio Label Rare Bird Music
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