Close Your Eyes

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Song Length 3:31 Genre Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Mood Serene
Subject Love for Child Language English



You?ve had a hard day little one, full of scrapes and bumps
Running after your brother Matthew trying to keep up
You came home crying ?cause Matthew said you?re too young to play
You asked me why and I just sighed as I rocked you where you lay

Close your eyes and drift away
Tomorrow is another day
Let a gentle shoulder dry up all the tears you cried today
Life isn?t fair yes it?s true
I never wanted to say that to you
So close your eyes and let the night?s sweet darkness carry you away

Today you wanted to prove in the neighborhood you?re the best ball player in town
You swung with all your might, but that ball flew by and you tripped and hit the ground
I think your fallen pride was hurting you more than your scraped up knees
And you thought I wouldn?t understand but I know just how you feel

So I stroke your head as you lie there in bed safe inside your dreams
And I think of all that might befall you between six and seventeen
I can?t fight your fights, can?t make it right, no the best that I can do
Is show you the way and at the end of the day sing a lullaby to your


c 1993, Barbara Martin

Lyrics Barbara Martin Music Barbara Martin
Producer Bob Read Publisher Barbara Martin Music
Performance Barbara Martin & Greg Trafidlo Label Rare Bird Music
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