Proving Ground (2004)

Song Description

Empowerment song, wanting to know if he is willing to commit.

Song Length 4:14 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Folk - Country
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Duet Female
Mood Worried Subject Unrequited Love
Similar Artists Sheryl Crow, Shawn Colvin Language English
Era 2000 and later


Proving Ground
A. Blasius and Delilah Poupore ©2003

Verse I
Dry soil, black top on sand
Billboard trying to lure me to the city of sin
There?s a photo on the dash, dog-earred and scratched
You and me waving the American Flag

Only now do I see
An approval-seeking child in me.

If this is my Proving Ground
Will you tell me how I?m doing?
Am I making an impression on you?
If I?m gonna stay around
I?m needing some direction
What will it take for you to love me too?
Any advice will do.

Verse II
The Honolulu club, looks like a good place to rest
I never thought I?d volunteer to take this test
It?s a long drive, alone at the wheel
I?m needing some direction, tell me how you feel!

Oh, where did she go,
That self-assured and confident woman I used to know?


Should I hold on, should I step away?
Any advice will do
Should I fight for this, or give you your space?

Lyrics Antara Blasius & Delilah Poupore Music Antara Blasius & Delilah Poupore
Publisher AntDeli Music Performance Antara & Delilah
Label AntDeli Music
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