Antara & Delilah create a hopeful vision of the world they want through their music. They met in ’97 at a Jim Messina songwriter’s workshop, began performing together (on Messina’s suggestion) and soon discovered their unique sound -- flavors of folk, bluegrass and pop tied together with bold vocal harmony.

They have been voted Favorite Local Band four years in a row by the Santa Barbara News-Press readership. Three of their songs from their second CD, “From Here,” have been used by SONY on the hit TV series “Party of Five” DVD release. Since Summer 2004, Antara & Delilah have joined Messina as the Jim Messina Acoustic Trio, touring throughout the U.S. They released their third CD in Fall 2005 and recorded a set of new songs in 2006, which they released on-line on

Delilah now lives in Maine while Antara remains in Santa Barbara. Both play solo now, and look forward to continued cross-country collaboration.
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