Song Description

Hypnotic med tempo, dramatic chorus, lost love, thoughtful lyrics, moody female vocals. Tell me Everything, before you go...

Song Length 4:14 Genre Pop - General
Mood Moving, Composed Subject Lost Love
Language English Era 2000 and later


Annie Handley

What do you see
What do you believe in
What does it mean to be you
Tell me what does it mean
How does it feel
To be there beside you
How does it feel to be the one
Thank you believe

Before you go
Will you tell me everything
Before you go
I want to hear it all
Take it in
Don't you leave out anything
Before you go

And I would trade you any day
And you could see things here my way
And I would run through your fields and I'd say
We still might never know
Is it easy Come and Easy Go
I guess I'll Bask in this Sunshine, and I'll glow,
I'll glow

What do you see
What do you believe in

Lyrics Annie Handley Music Annie Handley
Producer Doug Biggs/Annie Handley Performance Annie Handley
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