Not I

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I'll never forget you.

Song Length 4:08 Genre Pop - General, Pop - General
Subject General Similar Artists Sarah Mclachlan, Dido, Sade, Edie Brickell


Not I
Annie Handley

We Kicked up the rock and sand
Watched Phospheresance in our Hands
Shine for a while
Warriors in the night
We ran along the edges
In the light of the tide

So if it's Too Late here for the sun to shine
Don't think She's forgotten how to rise
If it's too late here and the night has set in
Don't think she's forgotten
Don't think she's

Forgotten, Anything Have I
Forgotten Even if, Not even if I tried
Could I have Forgotten you Not I
Never could forget you if I tried

You are still the same in my dreams
Like it was last night and we were
Side by side
Kicking off our shoes we ran
And left our footprints in the sand
In the sand to dry

Lyrics Annie Handley Music Annie Handley/Dave Devindisch
Producer Annie Handley/Dave Devindisch Performance Annie Handley/Dave Devindisch
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