Pleasure Pile

Song Description

A guitar driven three cord grind, 2 parts grit and 1 part glitter, lusts and laments the self indulgence of a Neitzschten Uber Girl alla the Killers on Bowie, Bolan and Kravitz.

Song Length 3:31 Genre Rock - Modern, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Restless, Frenzied Subject Naughty Sex, Addiction
Similar Artists David Bowie, Iggy Pop Language English
Era 2000 and later


Pleasure Pile
To climb beneath your pleasure pile
of bodies, books and vials
containing little lies,
the seeds of compromise.
The promise that you break,
the bitter pill you take.

Like cyanide and candy,
you're dangerous and dandy.
You're so vile, I like your style.
Drag me through your pleasure pile.
Like lipstick and strychnine,
a black widow chat-line.
Kama Sutra crocodile,
now let's crawl through your pleasure pile.

The look of promise in your eyes
is just a clever guise
to hide the human void,
the life you have destroyed.
The will to power kills
like all those little piles
that numb your dying soul,
the object of your goal.


Set the dial.
Check the file.
I'm downloading your pleasure pile.

Chorus X2

Lyrics Andy McCutcheon Music Andy McCutcheon
Producer Brad Gilderman Publisher Plummeat Music, BMI
Performance Andy McCutcheon, Vocals, Guitars, Keyboard; Bob Mars, Drums; Richard Sanchez, Bass; Grege Delang, Rythm Guitar. Label Bad Habit Records

Pleasure Pile

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