Life Is Too Short

Song Description

Musing junkyard balladry goes for an existential waltz with Beck, Bob Dylan and Tom Waits' affable younger cousin. Chugging acoustic and wondering harmonica make for a funny garden to find Brian Wilson and Co. sweetening the bridge with airy Bobba Da's.

Song Length 3:50 Genre Folk - Alternative, Folk - Rock
Tempo Non 4/4 Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cheerful, Depressing Subject Life, Spirituality
Similar Artists Beck, Bob Dylan Language English
Era 2000 and later


Life Is Too Short
Love your mother and your father
and your sisters and your brothers,
and the emphysemic mouse
in this asbestos filled house,
and all of the people you can't understand
rehearsing perversions, divining their plans 'cuz ...
Life is too short.
Yeah, life is too short
for canon ball sports.
Awe, come out of your forts.
We'll creep and cavort,
for life is too short.
We flirt with ambition
for vain recognition.
Submit all our wants
to an Easter egg hunt
for cold army rations
and blank ammunition
while random assassins
deliver death's mission.
O say could you be kind to me
And I'll be kind to you.
We're living on credit and spiritual debits.
Our one cash advance is the prize in our pants.
But the interest is high 'cuz we're all gonna die,
and it's due upon payment
when your soul hits the pavement ...

Copyright Andy McCutcheon 2005.
Published Plum Meat Music, BMI 2005.

Lyrics Andy McCutcheon Music Andy McCutcheon
Producer Brad Gilderman Publisher Plummeat Music, BMI
Performance Andy McCutcheon, Vocals, Guitars, Keyboard; Bob Mars, Drums; Richard Sanchez, Bass; Grege Delang, Rythm Guitar. Label Bad Habit Records
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