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With bristling cynicism, surrealistic word-play, and a decidedly post-modern veneer couched in eclectic song arrangements, Andy McCutcheon tears through rock*s back pages to create a distinctive sound that is reflective, stylish, twisted, and captivating.

Song Length 3:24 Genre Rock - Modern, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant, Glad Subject Relationship, Change
Similar Artists Oasis, The Beatles Language English
Era 2000 and later



Entertaining morbid thoughts
of my paralysis. It's a dark urge
I just can't resist.
If intrusive thoughts persist,
please avoid my wrists.
Do not touch them.
I really must insist.


Hello, hello, hello...
Is there anybody there?
I'm feeling most unusual.
Hello, hello, hello...
I'm so very glad you're here,
now that you've come into my life.

Tear apart the stereo.
'Thought I heard a song
somewhere in there.
I guess I could be wrong.
It's just the humming
in my head,
the faint synnaptic dread
that I'm nowhere and I don't belong.


It's not as though I was unhappy,
but I wasn't quite myself.
It seemed as though life would attack me
when I wasn't well.

Cue the music, dim the lights:
we're gonna' get it right.
Please don't tell me
how this movie ends.
In a long shot of a field
the moment is revealed.
No, in a close-up... I just can't decide.


Copywrite 1999, Andy McCutcheon

Lyrics Andy McCutcheon Music Andy McCutcheon
Producer Brad Gilderman Publisher Plummeat Music, BMI
Performance Andy McCutcheon, Vocals, Guitars, Keyboard; Matt Frazier, Drums; Kang Hoon, Bass. Label Bad Habit Records
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