Song Length 3:22 Genre New Age - General, World - Celtic
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Enchanting, Relaxed Subject History, Past

The song is a nice one. I like the sound and the instrumental arrangements are well done.

I had to use the used name, "Brian's Song", because this piece has the same overall feel to it. It is so peaceful, and takes you where you want to go in a musical sense. Definitely should be used as the music theme for a dramatic movie.

It's a powerful instrumental song.

A pleasure to listen to..beautiful

Song builds nicely. Great cello (or dbl bass) in the low register. Enjoying the sound palate. B section relates well with the A section. Good melodies and soothing vibe created.

Very relaxing music. The music really helps to clear the mind! Love the piano!

beautiful tune! love the main hit the genre squarely ....very nice...

very beautiful work! Very cinematic and perfect production! loved the strings and the piano is truly enchanting.

Music Andy J King Producer Andy J King
Performance Andy J King
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